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Pilea Involucrata is a very popular houseplant because of its unusual leaves. The plant has velvety leaves that are deeply ruffled and veined. Leaves are oval and have striking bronze highlights, while some Involcuratas have very light leaves.

The plant very easy to care for. The Pilea Involucrata is a tropical plant that requires warm temperatures and constant humidity. This can be imitated quite easily. Furthermore, this plant does not have many requirements. With proper care, this Pilea can even reward you with light pink flowers.

This plant has several nicknames. For example, in English it is Pilea Moon Valley because of its space-like leaf structure. Another nickname of this plant is Friendship Plant. The plant owes this nickname to the fact that it very quickly roots new cuttings. You can propagate this plant very quickly and give new plants to friends and family.

Habitat and light

Your Friendship Plant requires a lot of light. So give it a place near a window. Choose a window where it will not get direct sunlight in the afternoon hours. That could scorch the leaves. And that would of course be a shame!

Turn your Pilea Involucrata a quarter turn every few days. This way each side of the plant receives the same amount of light and it will grow nicely and evenly.


Always place Pilea Moon Valley in a pot with drainage holes. Place a layer of hydro grains at the bottom of the pot. Now water can easily flow away. This is important.

Water the Pilea Moon Valley thoroughly. You then let the water flow away well from the bottom of the pot. Only water again when the soil has become slightly dry, but never completely! Rule of thumb is: when the top 2 inches of the soil are dry, water again.

During the winter months, plant growth is slower than in spring and summer. The water requirement is lower in winter. Then the soil is also allowed to get a little drier between waterings.


High humidity is a rock-solid requirement of this plant. If you neglect this, it will not do nicely. It originates from a tropical area, so you will have to imitate these conditions. Especially in terrariums this Pilea Involucrata does well.

A high humidity can be imitated by misting the plant several times a week with the plant spray. An additional advantage is that there is less dust on the leaves. This keeps the plant more beautiful.

In winter, the humidity drops quickly because of the stove. Put a bowl of water on the stove. This evaporates and thus increases the humidity locally. Your plant will appreciate this very much!

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